On the Main Street in the small waterfront Borough of Stonington

Saori Stonington Borough is a recessed shop front with a little garden patio

And another garden porch in the back Where we can bring out looms to weave.

Take off your shoes and have a look around

The front room I call Planning & Zoning

A place to plan And prepare

A place to read with some quiet company

​A hide away office for the minor details

The middle room is for garment construction

The Weaving Room

We have a total of 8 Saori looms 2 tall WX 60b 2 standard WX 60
A tall and a standard SX 60 for community service
Our Piccolo for sampling and little weavers

Fully handicapped accessorized wheelchair CH 60
And a Schacht 4H Baby Wolf for our resident traditional weaver

Lots of places to find interesting things to weave
with live music complements of the studio Canary

Behind the curtain....

Everyone has a shelf for storing their work and there is a kitchen and powder room.